Hello World!

Comment Cloud

A convenient script for using emoticons all over deviantART by the use of Emote CLOUD.


This script replaces (and combines) the functionality of Forum Cloud and makes it easier to use emoticons anywhere on the website by taking advantage of Sta.sh Writer and Emote CLOUD. It is a continuation of Forum Cloud’s development, except under a new name. This script will add:

  • A database of emote codes, like the ones for the official dA emotes, that can be used for user-created emotes. User-created emotes are just deviations. For example, you can type :8Bdance: in a comment to use this emote.
  • A menu that displays these emotes alongside who made them and their vote count
  • The ability to add an emote made by you or someone else to everybody’s database of emote codes, and the ability to vote up/down existing ones. Multiple emotes can share the same code and the one with the highest votecount will be displayed when that code is used.

Since this script is currently under heavy development, you should just check out the Forum Cloud deviation if you want to see how this all is probably going to work.